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"I like that from the very top, people at JHA are appreciated. It seems there is a continuous, concerted effort to place a high priority on people appreciation at JHA. Frankly, I believe this plays a big part in how well JHA is doing today."

-Sam Turk
R&D programmer ATM Batch


"I love the challenge of the job most of all. Also, the teamwork developed at JHA to create and support the product is testament to our leadership. Overall the job is sometimes exhausting, but rewarding at the same time."

-Kelli Houser
Business Analyst


“Working for Jack Henry and Associates has given me the opportunity to have a wonderful job without giving up being a mother. The work-life balance that they believe in is one of the most valued benefits for me. I am blessed to be a part of such a wonderful company that truly is family oriented.”

-Melissa Bounous
Recruiting Sourcer


"’Do the Right Thing. Do Whatever it Takes. Have Fun.’ -- Jack Henry & Jerry Hall
Jack and Jerry's motto describes Jack Henry & Associate's work ethic to a tee, across the board. I work with great people, in an awesome environment, and we develop phenomenal products that we stand behind 120%. JHA is truly a pleasure to work for.”

-Joe Sansalone
PassPort Customer Support


“I love solving problems and helping people. At its core, I know that JHA is all about that. We work together as a team to help our customers, and inevitably friends, get through some of the most difficult changes in their businesses. Each day I feel challenged in different ways, and I love it. I also love that the company is very family-oriented and very open. I drank the JHA Kool-Aid and I absolutely love it.”

-Robert Avie
Synergy Professional Services


“I love the customers and the relationships I’ve built over the nearly 19 years that I've been a JHA CRM. A number of my banking clients have had very little employee turnover, so I’ve had the same relationships for many of those years. Not only do I have a vendor/customer relationship, but I’ve also made some really good friends.”

-Beth Carter
Customer Relationship Manager


“I love researching, balancing, and working with people. I get the opportunity to work with some fantastic, hard-working people who like having fun, too. The SilverLake support team is a great group of intelligent people. And then working with customers is both challenging and rewarding. Within the first year I started JHA, I heard it best from one of our customers; about his partnership with JHA, Dave Herr at Susquehanna Bancshares said, ‘We can’t do our job without you and you can’t do your job without us.’"

-Debbie McGilvry
Technical Support Manager


“What makes this job great is definitely the people that I get to work with. Besides being nice and caring, everyone is very considerate of each other and helpful. I also love the fast pace of this job; the days fly by!”

-Kim Vandine
Admin Sis Support Rep II


“I am truly thankful for JHA's FWA; this helps me keep a healthy work/life balance. With the FWA, I am able to make sure my children get to school safely every day; this is a great benefit.”

-Shelly Helmuth
Admin Assistant II


“It is challenging with work and family life, but it is great to work for a company that has a generous PTO program to lets you enjoy time off with your family.”

-Roger Wolf
Project Management, Senior Manager


“Once I started my career with JHA, I immediately knew that this company had so much to offer than I had ever imaged. I currently work with a great group in the Vertex Teller Capture™ and Core Director® Teller Capture™ I look forward to seeing what the future holds.”

-Ty Knotts
Implementation Coordinator, Advanced